Prayers to Ganga (Postcard)

A postally used four colour digitally printed Picture Post Card mailed from the Kumbh Post Office Haridwar to an address within Haridwar. First card of the four-card series ‘Rishikesh & Haridwar: Kumbh & COVID-19’. Corresponds to the traditionally first bath of the Kumbh.

Prayers to Ganga. Capricorn corresponds to Makar, the crocodile. This day heralds the onset of the Kumbh Mela, a festival that happens once in 12 years and lasts for many months. Prayers are held to Ma Ganga, the goddess who rides a crocodile. Large brass lamps, each containing thousands of wicks and clarified butter are used in the ceremony near the river in Rishikesh and Haridwar, and indeed many other locations on the journey to the Bay of Bengal at Kolkata.

14 January 2021 – Makar Sankranti, Solstice, Sun enters the Capricorn zodiac.
Four colour digitally printed
300 gsm
9.5 cm x 14 cm
Dated: Dispatch 30 April 2021, Receiving 01 May 2021

a. Round cancellation stamp bearing text ‘CAMP P.O. 30.4.21 UA-3004’, the special mark for Haridwar Kumbh 2021.
b. Rectangle mark bearing text ‘CAMP P.O. UA-3004’, the special mark for Haridwar Kumbh 2021.
c. Round stamp by the receiving (addressee) post office bearing text ‘JAWALAPUR (both in Hindi and English) 249407 1.5.21 HARDWAR’.

Postage stamps:
a. One stamp of Rs. 5 ‘SHYAMA PRASAD MUKHERJEE’.
b. One stamp of Re. 1 ‘MAHATMA GANDHI’.

Special features:
Dispatched on the last day of the Kumbh.

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